Below Ground Grease Trap

A Viking Plastics below ground grease trap is designed to comply with local water authority specifications.  The tanks are fitted with 100mm inlet and outlet and 50mm vent plain pipe nozzles that are all fully welded for superior seal.

Access Covers
Access covers should be fitted on top for easy access and tank cleaning.  Access covers are available in various types: concrete in-fill, solid top, tiling edge and Paneltim®.  Numerous sizes are available with several weight loadings for pedestrian, car or truck.  Access covers are sold separately and are capable of being removed by one man.

Construction Options

There are two differenct constuction options for Viking Plastics below ground grease traps:

  • Thin Skin
  • Paneltim®

Thin Skin

Below ground grease trap with concrete in-fill covers.

Below ground Thin Skin grease traps are fabricated from 6mm Polypropylene or Polyethylene . They must be surrounded with concrete walls a minimum of 100mm thick. During installation, when pouring concrete, the tank base must be adequately supported internally to prevent collapse of the walls.

Thin Skin below ground tanks have full height keying strips to ensure the plastic tank walls bind to the poured concrete. The keying strips include holes to install Y12 reinforcing bars. The reinforcing bars help bind the steel reinforcement in the poured concrete. An external 50mm flat rim flange around the top of the tank provides a level contact area for the access cover/s to seat.  It also provides a better binding surface between the tank and poured concrete.

A below ground grease trap must be fitted with an access cover matched to the tank size and the expected load rating – pedestrian, car or heavy truck.


Paneltim below ground grease trap
Paneltim® below ground grease trap

Paneltim® is an innovative 50mm thick, dual skin sandwich panel.  It has an internal cross-rib cell structure that is light weight yet offers superior strength and rigidity in both length and width.

Paneltim® below ground grease traps are a cost competitive alternative to Thin Skin tanks.  Due to the  superior strength and rigidity of Paneltim®,  poured concrete reinforcement is not required thus saving time and money.  Paneltim® grease traps can be backfilled with crushed rock or stabilised sand.

Access Covers

Below ground grease traps must be fitted with an access cover (sold separately).  The access cover must be matched to the tank size and the expected load rating (pedestrian, car, heavy truck).

Metal access covers consist of a frame and removable panels. The frame size and number of removable panels will depend on the size of the tank. Ideally, each panel will be removable by one person (lifting tools will be required).

Viking has developed the Paneltim® access cover as an excellent alternative to metal access covers.  Paneltim® access covers are ideally suited to medium and heavy duty applications where a tank is installed under a concrete paved roadway area. Paneltim® access covers can be made to suit any tank size which makes a non-standard tank very easy to match a lid size to.

For more information on access covers, click here.

Australia Wide Delivery

Viking’s products are fabricated in Melbourne for Australia wide delivery.  Viking can arrange transport if required.

For further information, request a quote, download the spec sheet or call Viking Plastics on 03 9587 2297.

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