What is a Grease Arrestor?

A grease arrestor is a wastewater pre-treatment device used in food preparation areas.

A grease arrestor is also known as a grease trap, grease interceptor, triple interceptor or trade waste tank.

Grease arrestors are installed in-line between a kitchen sink and the sewer.  A grease arrestor has a series of internal baffles that slow the flow of warm water to allow the water to cool.  As the water cools, fats and oils float to the top and solid waste falls to the bottom. Cooler cleaner water then flows out to the sewer.

Size (Capacity) Options

Thin skin grease arrestor
Thin skin above ground grease arrestor

Viking Plastics fabricates and supplies grease arrestors in standard and customs sizes.

  • Above ground: 100 – 10,000 litres
  • Below ground: 600 – 10,000 litres
  • Where there are space limitations, an equivalent capacity grease trap can be custom made to fit the available space

Installation Options

Tanks are available for both above ground and below ground installations.

A grease arrestor must be installed by a licensed plumber. The plumber will be able to advise you on the best hydraulic design, venting and backflow prevention and supply a Certificate of Compliance for their work, which will be required by the local water authority.

All products are supplied with comprehensive installation guidelines.

Tank Construction Options

Viking’s trade waste tanks are manufactured from sheet polypropylene (PP) and/or polyethylene (HDPE) materials. Tanks construction options include Thin-Skin and Paneltim®.

Thin Skin

Above Ground Thin Skin grease arrestors over 250 litres are fabricated from more robust 6mm polypropylene. The tanks are also fitted with an external 50x50mm galvanised steel tube support frame for long lasting sturdiness.  Below Ground Thin Skin tanks must be surrounded with concrete walls a minimum of 100mm thick. Below Ground Thin Skin tanks have full height keying strips to ensure the plastic tank walls bind to the poured concrete.


Paneltim® is an innovative 50mm thick, dual skin, light weight sandwich panel with an internal cross-rib cell structure that offers superior strength and rigidity.  Paneltim® tanks are self-supporting. There is no requirement for an external steel support frame.  As a result, Paneltim® Above Ground tanks over 2000 litres and Below Ground tanks are typically a more economical option than Thin Skin tanks. Below Ground Paneltim® tanks do not need to be back-filled with concrete saving time and money. All Paneltim® tanks are UV stabilised for long life.

Does my grease arrestor need to be an approved design?

Water authorities throughout Australia set the design specifications for grease arrestors. Viking Plastics’ grease arrestors are approved for use in most regions of Australia. Viking will supply the correctly designed grease arrestor for your particular locality. To find your local water authority, click here.

Access Covers

Below ground grease traps must be fitted with an access cover (sold separately).  Access covers must be matched to the tank size and the expected load rating (pedestrian, car, heavy truck). For more information on access covers, click here.

Australia Wide Delivery

Viking’s products are fabricated in Melbourne for Australia wide delivery.  Viking can arrange transport if required.


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