Grease trap construction options

Viking Plastics offers choice of grease trap construction types – thin skin tanks or Paneltim® tanks.


Paneltim® is an innovative light weight 50mm thick dual skin sandwich panel that offers superior strength and rigidity in both length and width due to its internal cross-rib- cell structure.

Larger above ground tanks (2000 litres and above) are typically more economical when constructed from Paneltim®.

Paneltim grease trap construction
Above ground Paneltim grease trap construction with hinged lids

Paneltim® below ground tanks offer a cost competitive alternative to thin skin tanks.  The superior strength and rigidity of Paneltim® avoids the need for poured concrete reinforcement. This provides faster and lower cost below ground installation.

Hinged Lids (on Paneltim® above ground tanks only)

Paneltim® above ground tanks can be manufactured with either circular screw-in air-tight lids or hinged lids to provide easy access for pump out and cleaning.  Hinged lids come with gas struts to support the lid when open and toggle clamps to ensure an air-tight seal when closed.

Thin skin grease trap construction
Thin skin above ground grease trap construction

Thin Skin Tanks

Grease traps less than 250 litres are fabricated from PVC. For grease traps over 250 litres, a more robust 6mm polypropylene is used.

Grease traps above 250 litres are fitted with an external 50x50mm galvanised steel tube support frame for long lasting sturdiness.