What grease trap size will I need?

Grease Trap Size:

The grease trap size for your particular application will be set by your local water authority.

On application to your water authority, a combination of methods will be used to determine the correct size for your grease trap.

The first method considers the seating capacity of a restaurant or establishment. The more seats the larger the grease trap.

The second method adds up the litre allowance for each appliance or fixture in the food preparation area. The larger figure from these two methods is used to establish the required capacity.

Other special rules may apply. For example, Sydney Water has set the minimum grease trap capacity at 1,000 litres. Fast food outlets often require larger capacity grease traps.

Viking Plastics supply above ground grease traps from 100 – 10,000 litre capacity.  Below ground units are available from 600 -10,000 litres.  Custom sizes can also be made to order.  This is especially useful where there are space limitations. An equivalent capacity grease trap can be custom made to fit the available space.

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Grease trap size range
Grease trap size ranges from 100 litres – 10,000 litres