Plastic Grease Trap

Plastic Grease Trap: A plastic grease trap from Viking Plastics is made from polyethylene and other poly materials for increased efficiency and durability – particularly when placed in heavy use. Viking Plastics has been fabricating plastic grease traps for over 50 years.  As leaders in the industry, Viking’s team of DVS qualified fabricators meticulously manufacture products to the highest standards. Plastic grease traps have increase … Continued

45 Litre Domestic Grease Trap

45 Litre Domestic Grease Trap: Viking Plastics 45 litre domestic grease trap is designed to be installed in a domestic kitchen.  Domestic traps are installed inline between the kitchen sink and the sewer in order to slow the flow of hot greasy water.  Slowing the flow of water allows the water to cool.  As the water cools, grease and oil to float to the surface and food particles sink to the bottom … Continued

Grease Trap for Sale

Grease Trap for Sale: There is always a grease trap for sale at Viking Plastics!  With over 50 years experience, Viking fabricate grease traps from the highest quality plastics. You will find an above or below ground grease trap for sale at Viking.  Viking Plastics supply a range of standard sizes and can custom fabricate to your specifications.  As well as grease trap sales, Viking Plastics have … Continued

Grease trap installation

Grease trap installation must be carried out by a licensed plumber. Your plumber will be able to advise you on the best hydraulic design, venting and backflow prevention.  Your local water authority will require your plumber to supply a Certificate of Compliance for their work. Grease trap installation can occur either above or below ground depending upon the circumstances of your location. If the grease … Continued

Grease trap cleaning frequency?

Grease trap cleaning needs to occur at regular intervals by a licensed trade waste collection contractor.  A grease trap collects fats, oil and grease by allowing them to float to the surface and waste food solids to settle on the bottom of the tank.  Over time these waste products accumulate. The frequency between pump outs may range from several weeks to several months.  The licensed … Continued

Grease trap design

Grease trap design specifications are set by varying local water authorities throughout Australia. Effectively grease traps are boxes within the drainage system that are installed between the sinks in a kitchen and the sewer system. They can be located above ground, below ground, inside the kitchen or outside the building. Viking Plastics manufacture and supply grease traps that are approved for use in virtually all regions of … Continued

Grease trap construction options

Viking Plastics offers choice of grease trap construction types – thin skin tanks or Paneltim® tanks. Paneltim® Paneltim® is an innovative light weight 50mm thick dual skin sandwich panel that offers superior strength and rigidity in both length and width due to its internal cross-rib- cell structure. Larger above ground tanks (2000 litres and above) are typically more economical when constructed from Paneltim®. Paneltim® below … Continued

Grease Trap Regulations

Grease trap regulations: Grease trap regulations are usually overseen by water supply companies in larger metropolitan cities.  In rural areas, regulation is overseen by local councils. States, territories, urban and rural areas within Australia are regulated by different water authorities. Before being allowed to discharge trade waste to sewer you will need a trade waste agreement with your local authority.  This includes obtaining formal approval … Continued

What grease trap size will I need?

Grease Trap Size: The grease trap size for your particular application will be set by your local water authority. On application to your water authority, a combination of methods will be used to determine the correct size for your grease trap. The first method considers the seating capacity of a restaurant or establishment. The more seats the larger the grease trap. The second method adds … Continued

Grease trap suppliers

Viking Plastics has been one of Australia’s pre-eminent grease trap suppliers for over 50 years. Viking Plastics is regarded as Australia’s most successful plastics fabrication company.  Viking Plastics manufactures and supplies: grease traps, trade waste tanks, large industrial tanks, fume cupboards, custom designed products, fume exhaust fans, and ventilation ducting and fittings for fume extraction. Viking Plastics remains a leader in the plastic fabrication industry through … Continued